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October Colors 22.3

Continuing on with the late October theme, we have a purple and orange motif tie in the photo above. Purple and orange, one of the classic October / Halloween color combinations. It is a lovely combination but hard to find in a tie. Of course it is possible but not as common as you may think. Another uncommon combination is green and yellow in rep tie form. A muted green and a muted yellow in a rep tie is beautiful, but not easy to find.

I love this purple and orange in a motif tie not only because the colors are seasonally appropriate but the motif feels appropriate as well. I can't fully tell if it is a deer or elk, nevertheless the deer or elk feels more appropriate for autumn and winter. Deer hunting season starts in November here. The deer or elk doesn't feel right in the summer or spring. It feels autumnal, wintery.

I also love that this purple and orange tie is a motif tie rather than a rep tie. It opens up the possibility of easily pairing with a blue university stripe. The tie itself is an older Polo Ralph Lauren. I found it on eBay, of course. I found it for a steal, of course. I am always a broken record on this point, but there are incredible finds all across eBay if you just take the time to look. You have to sift through some garbage, but there are gems available for a steal.

I could have worn a white OCBD with this or a blue university stripe. I could have also gone with a brown university stripe as well. There are other possibilities, but those are the obvious choices. I went with the blue because I wanted something heavier. I have been leaning more on the lesser contrast recently. I love the white OCBD in all its simplicity but I have been leaning on the, and being drawn toward the, softening that the blue OCBD brings in an outfit. It is a bit darker, a bit cooler, a bit more October as well.

As I say often, stay simple. This outfit is incredibly simple (even with a motif tie). As I mentioned above, there are other options that are a bit more bold and they would work beautifully, yet there is always a beautiful and refreshing sense of steadiness when you stay simple. It isn't only for you and it isn't only for others. It is for both. There is a comfortable steadiness, something that feels uncaring (in the best way) about staying simple. Often, it just feels right.

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