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October Colors 4

Continuing on with this month's theme of October colors, we have black & purple. I found this Polo Ralph Lauren black & purple knit tie for just $10.99, $11.65 with shipping and handling. It is in seemingly perfect condition. There is nothing wrong with it at all. It's a wonderful crunchy knit, in a fairly unique color combination. This tie was obviously around $95 new, and if it wasn't when it was originally sold, it would be today. This tie is actually slightly wider than many knit ties. The tie is 2.75 wide, while most today are between 2.25 - 2.50.

Knit ties can be expensive, especially the nice crunchy ones like this. They also aren't as numerous on eBay or in thrift store. They are simply harder to find at a good price. They do however appear from time to time, and as with most other menswear on eBay, you can get a great piece for a great price. If you are thinking you want to get more into the knit tie but are dismayed by the price and the lacking selection on eBay, just wait it out. Check back from time to time and every so often a total steal will come along.

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