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Old Oxford

Today I have a dentist appointment so I decided against a tie. I decided to go with an old OCBD I received from my wife about a decade ago. This OCBD from Polo Ralph Lauren has been washed and dried all over the world in too many laundromats to count. It has taken a beating over and over again and keeps going. Like all OCBDs, the older it gets the better it gets. The cuffs are just slightly frayed, the collar is a bit rugged. It's perfect.

Khaki chinos, navy blazer, blue OCBD, brown belt. The standard of the standard.

With an outfit so simple, going with a bold choice for the socks can be a perfect idea. I could have gone with a pattern like stripes or argyle but I stayed simple and plain, yet with a bold color. Red as a primary color is simple and basic, yet bold, a bit daring and clearly intentional.

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