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Orange University Stripe

The orange university stripe OCBD is one of the more rare finds and also one of the most perfect spring and summer shirts. I was looking for an orange university stripe OCBD with an unlined collar for a quite a while so when Brooks Brothers sold one a while back I had to have it. In this outfit I am pairing a light blue knit tie with the university stripe and navy blazer. A green tie could work fantastic as well. A knit tie isn't the only option, of course. But, because the shirt is so bold, I think it's just fine to stay out of the way. Although pairing a classic green motif tie with this could create a very Great Gatsby feeling in a most classic and perfect way.

Orange. A bold, bright color in a most classic shirt. Because these are hard to find and I only have one, I really hope this shirt doesn't end up being destroyed in some accident, which of course would only happen to a shirt like this.

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