Our Responsibility

Updated: Jun 24

Recently, I have been presented with an opportunity-choice. The choice presented to me is the choice of cowardice, or truth. It seems simple when you put it that way, and it is simple, yet obviously many people don't see it that way. If more people told the truth, our world would not be the way it is. If more men told the truth, our world would not be in the state of near collapse. Of course, men largely do not tell the truth. The men of the prior 2 generations certainly didn't tell the truth. They largely, and generally lied to women and played along with the delusions and falsehoods in order to sleep with them. They have kept this up for so many years, married to the women they placated and indulged that it is too late for them to tell the truth. Maybe that is a crude way to put it, or maybe not, I think it's true. Now, we live in the fallout of a feminized world, helped and ushered along by lying men.

Men and women have different roles and different purposes. The job of men was abdicated for more than half a century and now we have a society of men who have the spirit of women. This isn't about aiming toward performative grotesque parodies of commoditized masculinity and femininity. Those shallow performances set the philosophical structural ground for the transexual cult we suffer under. These roles and attributes are about the deeper divine traits of men and women, masculine and feminine. It isn't shallow-performance.

Men must say no. Men must accept conflict, not run from it, they must gladly embrace it. We, thankfully, do not live in a barbaric society of mass physical conflict. Men, for many generations, fought in physical conflict often. Men are obviously more suited for physical conflict. Men are also more suited for intellectual and political conflict. We, thank God, do not settle our every dispute through physical battle today. Yet, we do however still settle our disputes through battle. It is simply battle of a different form. It is philosophical, political and intellectual battle. Like the physical, men are also more suited for this type of battle than women.

Of course, what occurred was men shrank from this, ceded the territory to women, and now the rules, frame and boundaries of political, intellectual and philosophical battle are now made by the implicit world-feeling of women. This is ultimately an inward facing world and this is a non-trivial reason why our world is in free fall.

Men and women are obviously perfectly equal and compatible. Equal does not mean the same, and equal does not mean equal in every way. Men and women are perfectly designed by Hashem [God] to compliment each other perfectly. It is in marriage that we return to Gan Eden in a sense. Yet, men and women are not the same. Men gave up their divine role, and women became something they were not created to be. It is for this reason the world is off-kilter. It is not aligned with the design of Hashem.

What is this opportunity-choice I have? It is about saying no to the corruption of our children and youth. The world seeks to destroy our children and youth. It seeks to make them weak. It seeks to make our boys into girls and our men into women. It is our job, our responsibility to say, no. Anything else, is abdicating our responsibility. It is actually a blessing from Hashem. It is a blessing that I have the opportunity to say no, to advocate for good. I would much rather have the opportunity to be good, rather than the opportunity to only, and simply,' be weak and like a ghost, un-acting in the world.

It is the opportunity to exist, the choice born of free will to choose to actually be, and to be a force for good. It is not by any grand heroic act, not by any daring physical feat. It is the chance to be a force for good by simply telling the truth. We have this opportunity many times every day and often we let it pass. Often many choose cowardice.

It is in the more rare opportunity which appears to us not as often, which offers us the opportunity to make a choice which may reveal something about ourselves, to ourselves. It is in this opportunity where we have a chance to be good, and maybe move closer toward goodness and God. It is that blessing that Hashem gives to us both men and women, but men, more crucially in the masculine outward facing reality. We must not let that responsibility, that opportunity of blessing pass us. For the sake of our children and world, we must not.

What does this have to do with clothing? What does this have to do with aesthetics? So much. As I have noted before, we adorn our bodies with clothing nearly every moment of our waking [and non waking] lives. There is almost no time in which we are without our clothing. We make choices every day of how we will be seen, even if there is no one to see us. If one is interested in how values, ideology, beliefs can be exhibited in aesthetics, then clothing should occupy the mind continually. We, in what we put on our bodies, are walking aesthetic demonstrations of what we believe and who we are. It isn't just fabric.

There are layers and layers of words, beliefs and ideas that can be understood all without a word being said or written. This is true for buildings, monuments, art, homes, decor and clothing. A world oriented visually toward that what we believe and hold dear in the inner / non visual, is a world which becomes a physical extension of the non-physical. It is the perfect interfacing of the inner and the outer. This isn't a new or strange idea. This is commonly found among religions. The closer a society can come to interfacing these, the more resonant the physical is with the inner spiritual for the members of the society.

If we want to be men worthy of dignity, we should present ourselves with dignity. If we want our boys to grow to be men with a sense of dignity, uprightness and healthy self esteem as strong men, we should teach them through living what that means. Words mean less than demonstration A man who is a slovenly mess in both inner thought, inner belief and outer representation and action is a man who will most likely raise a son with a similar orientation. Our sons deserve better than that.

Just as women obviously should wear skirts and dresses, men should obviously wear sport coats and blazers. The world is made more ugly by those who want to make it uglier and is helped along by those too lazy to reject the tide. What is our job as men of dignity? To reference the famous quote from The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

These ideas are of course, not popular today. They are terribly unpopular among the masses who are lured by conformity, comfort and laziness. The mass tidal wave of childlessness doesn't help matters. What our boys are borne into is a world of lazy, slobbish men, men who are made into women, women who attempt to be pathetic versions of men and an aesthetic world of giving up. A world of dying tradition, assault on religious values and anything Good. A world of heathens, to put it simply.

Our job as men who are already in this place, who are already pre-disposed to the right ideas is to not waver, and never give an inch. Never give to the mob, never become one of the blob. Act and be strong men for the boys who look up to us. This includes how we carry ourselves, how we dress, how we appear. Aesthetics matter. It doesn't matter if one is a father or not. One may be an uncle, and if not an uncle, one lives in this world and some young boy may be reminded by your presence of what a man can be.

One of the absolute, most necessary keys to remember in all this is that every man no matter where he is, no matter what his station in life or what his socio economic status may be, every man can begin to change the world through approaching life, and the presentation of himself with dignity and self respect. It does not require a fortune to begin to present yourself as a man, and not a beast. Every man of every race, religion, tribe, region and land, body type and age can be a force for good and a implicit or explicit role model for the younger men in our world, he simply needs to begin.

A life of living, demonstration and dignity. Not only for ourselves, but for our youth, We cannot change the world by ourselves, but bit by bit, through our own small actions, we can all try to bring more dignity, self respect and beauty to a world in desperate need.