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Overcast & Blue

This is one of those outfits that goes and flows generally right along with with weather. It is overcast today. Gray, cold, mounds of snow and ice litter line the road. This is muted, a bit cold and in a way dim.

Originally, I was planning on wearing a navy wool knit tie with this outfit. It is an obvious choice, an easy choice. But honestly I didn't want to. I was bored by the idea. So, I looked in my closet and thought, why don't I try a lighter blue knit. It worked pretty well so then I thought again, perhaps my light blue college stripe knit may work as well. Turns out that it locked in even better than the plain light blue knit.

This is one of those combinations that I was genuinely surprised by. I most certainly didn't originally think to go for this tie with this setting. But it turned out after stumbling upon it and trying it, the light blue college stripe worked great and better than I could have imagined. To me this is a testament to experimentation. I hadn't thought of this tie because I thought I had it all worked out in my head, navy was the way to go. What I worked out in my head was boring. I was uninterested. I tried something different by chance, and it worked great.

You know you can work everything out and think you know exactly what will work in every scenario and think you have it all down to a science, but you know, you don't really have it all worked out. There is a music to style, your style. It isn't just theory. There is always something else that may work that you didn't think of. There is something you may discover. I think that is really something that's pretty nice. I think that can remind us of the life and fun even when we think putting an outfit together is just old hat. It's a beautiful thing, a little gift. There is of course, something here to be said about life as well.

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