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Pale Red OCBD

This is actually a pale red OCBD. It may appear like a heavier pink, but it is actually a red, a pale red. What is the difference between a heavy pink and a pale red? Let's be honest, this is a pretty nuanced point to make. I'm not really sure how discernible the difference may be to average eye, but you can feel it. This is a pale red. Darker, less vibrant.

I have 2 pale red OCBDs. I have one made by Ratio Clothing which I love and one from Brooks Brothers which I also love. The shirt in the photo above is from Brooks Brothers. The pale red falls outside the standards. And although it isn't standard, it still feels classic. It doesn't feel like some gimmick. It feels classic and timeless, but just a bit tweaked. Like a pink, but a bit dimmer, a bit duller. It's a nice color for the latter half of winter.

I have paired a dark navy blue / midnight blue knit tie and a light beige glen check sport coat with the pale red. I wear this particular sport coat most often at the intersection of the end of winter and early spring. It is wool, but the hue is so fresh and warm and light. The overcheck is so vibrant. It is a perfect sport coat for the transition from late winter to early spring. The sun is melting the snow, the earth is starting to warm and the flowers are waiting to bloom, And although the signs of life are emerging, the wind and air is still brisk, you still need some warmth.

It isn't time for cotton quite yet.

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