Patchwork Madras Tie

Patchwork madras can be a bit polarizing. Some people love it, to them it exemplifies a sort of fun "campy" summer feel. To others who are less fond, it is gaudy and just too much. I like it, although I don't have much of it. I have lots of madras, but patchwork madras, not as much. I certainly do however, absolutely love this patchwork madras tie. It is perfect for the heat of summer.

One of the great things about ties is that even when the fabric or pattern is bold and daring, the piece itself is so small in comparison to the rest of the outfit that it rarely is overwhelming on it's own. You can have a bit of adventure, boldness, with little risk. Even for those who feel patchwork madras is too much, this tie should be just fine for them. It captures and exudes all of the great things about patchwork madras, while avoiding the downfalls the skeptics see. It's bold, daring, fun, campy and totally summer, yet it is only but a small slice of boldness amongst an otherwise very simple, neutral outfit.

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