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Pink & Green Perfection

Pink & green. What is there to say? As a prep connoisseur, I will always love this legendary combination. The iteration found in the photo above is of course a perfect summer fit. Broadcloth green butcher stripe with a light, relaxed pink knit, stone chinos and a light micro-houndstooth. A small detail I love about this pink knit tie is how gentle both the white and pink are. It is not a stark bright white but a subdued, gentle white that creates a very smooth, easy contrast with a very light and easy pink. Sometimes when you have large alternating stripes with 2 heavily saturated colors, the boldness can be overwhelming and in turn it becomes hard to manage the tie in an outfit. The gentleness of the stripes in this tie help avoid any over bold-ness or difficulty in managing the colors. The best of all worlds.

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