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Purple & Green

Purple is a strange color for menswear. Personally I can love it or hate it, depending on the shade, how it paired, what garment it is found in etc... It is so nuanced. Too rich, and it feels oddly regal, medieval or something like that. It's hard to describe. But, it's not for me. Too bold, or combined with the wrong colors and it feels 1970s, in a pretty wretched way. It can work in all the seasons but in different ways and with different pairings.

For my approach, the purple university stripe and a purple butcher stripe, like I am wearing today, can work in any season. Purple socks can work in any season as well. A solid purple OCBD only works in spring exclusively, for me. I only wear my purple ground stripe, and violet university stripe in spring as well. A purple tennis shirt/polo shirt [of the right shade and classic pique cotton] works in summer only. Purple seersucker is of course, summer only. Purple corduroy would be a purple that I would only wear in Autumn.

I think a lot of men shy away from purple because it feels either too flamboyant or oddly regal. I totally understand this feeling. Purple done in a way which is "too much" is 100% not for me. I think however, done right, purple is a great color to incorporate. To me, it feels like a blue, but more adventurous, daring. It can be paired with warm colors or cool colors, like I am wearing in the photo above.

A navy blazer, muted green motif tie and a purple butcher stripe OCBD is very understated when it comes to color, but full of just the right amount of interest when it comes to pattern(s). To me, it feels lightly playful with some nice variance and interest to the eye, but all done in an understated muted color palette.

This shirt always reminds me of either the 1920s, or American Psycho. I don't remember, but I am not sure anybody actually wears a butcher stripe in the film, and I doubt anybody wears an OCBD. But, there is something about the butcher stripe, an unbalanced stripe, which feels very 1990s in the world as portrayed in American Psycho.

In this photo, the OCBD is Brooks Brothers, the tie is J. Press [thrift store, $2.99], the navy blazer is Ralph Lauren.

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