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Purple OCBD Flap Pocket

In my opinion the purple OCBD is the quintessential spring OCBD. Yes, pinks, yellows, tangerines and aquas, these are all wonderful spring OCBDs as well. Yet, there is something about purple which feels different than the rest. The purple OCBD is to spring as the herringbone is to autumn, as seersucker is to summer. That's how I see it.

This particular purple OCBD is very unique in that it also has a flap pocket. I am not sure you can find this feature on a purple OCBD off the rack. I have never seen it personally. I had mine custom made. Of course this shirt also comes with all the other trad/ivy/prep bells and whistles.

Full Unlined Collar

Back Collar Button

Locker Loop

Full Traditional Fit

The purple OCBD is fairly versatile in terms of tie combinations. Blues, greens, yellows all work fantastic with it. Rep, knit and motif work equally well. A navy blazer is the perfect choice for jacket. The purple OCBD is the perfect unique shirt for spring. It makes it's appearance in my wardrobe just 1 season each year then disappears until the next spring rolls around. Delightful, unique and never wears out it's welcome.

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