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Purple & Orange

I picked up this older-ish Polo Ralph Lauren necktie for $10.50 a little over a year ago. I found this particular tie on eBay. At the time I was looking for a motif tie with purple and orange. I wanted something for the autumn and early winter. I was thrilled to come across this tie as it not only had the colors I was looking for, but also a seasonally appropriate motif.

Is this a deer or an elk on this tie? I can't tell, I don't know the detailed differences between them enough to identify which this is. Maybe it's not possible to even tell the difference on something like this. Maybe it doesn't matter. It probably doesn't.

Nevertheless, I love this tie. I love the spacing of the motif. It isn't too crowded and it isn't too sparse. The shade of purple is deep, not bright and the orange is a very warm burnt orange. Perfect for this season. I am pairing this tie with a brown herringbone tweed and the brown university stripe OCBD which I absolutely love. This is a great shirt for autumn and winter. Very neutral, yet warm. Very flexible. I think I am going to need pick up another one, as this may end up appearing in my standard shirt rotation more than I anticipated.

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