Quiet Night

There are so many forces in our modern, techno-capital world that push us away from being whole and drive us into a corner of efficiency / money worship. There are a lot of reasons why this happen. Some are born into it and some grow into it, and even those of us who are aware of it and actively resist it become smothered from time to time.

This brutalist hollowing out works like a toxic fog. It sets over everything, floats over the land and touches everyone. It is possible to escape into your own shelter but it requires active work. Perhaps it is prayer or religious study for many and philosophy for others. It may be a retreat into literature and life as art. It may be historical-feeling and stretching out of time for some. It is possible to retreat to more serene religio-phlio pastures.

This tendency impacts certain locations, and thusly certain people more than others, although it is everywhere, and is currently entrenched in the United States in a very deep way. It's impact seems to be like a speaker playing very loud music. The closer you get, the more deafening it becomes. You can walk [or run] away, but you can still hear it very distantly for quite some time. Your world is still touched by it.

I sometimes refer to this phenomenon of sterilized, anti-art, anti-feeling, anti-being consumption-life as a certain kind of suburb-ification. I think there are many very negative impacts the suburbs have on people and society. As with most things, you can say some positive things about this or that, but the negatives run deep and have colored our entire world with such thick paint, most can never see the world without the paint thickly covering the lenses.

This project of mine is not only about clothing. It is primarily about clothing, but it isn't entirely about clothing. I write about religion a bit, being a bit, life a bit, family a bit and aesthetics a bit and of course clothing a lot. This project points to something beyond all of these things which are intertwined. Clothing is so integral and important because it adorns our body almost 24/7. We wear clothing almost every waking minute of our entire life. Clothing is not merely fabric. It is much more. Yet, this project is not only about clothing. It still also points out and up, to more.

In pursing dignity and thoughtfulness, masculinity and beauty, eternity and being, God and meaning and turning away from fast-fashion and triviality, money-worship and [false] status [conferred by an upside down structure], it is possible to remove ourselves from the tyranny of temporal approval /satisfaction administered by a shallow, morally bankrupt world-authority.

The world can be so loud, so busy, so upside down and corrupted that it makes it so hard to just be. The speaker is so loud. It's so difficult to tune out the anti-reality. Yet, it isn't impossible. Removing oneself from the temporal and stretching time out to see more of the picture, and be in more of the picture is possible and necessary for a more peaceful, good life. Beauty, aesthetics, and attire are not shallow pursuits even if they may be temporal. Their relationship in the temporal can point toward the greater eternal rather than the opposite.

This is a layered understanding. At one layer concepts come into contradiction with each other, at another layer they are complimentary to each other and at yet another layer, they may even become each other. It is possible to move away from the loud speaker and to find a shelter from the toxic fog. To move both inside and toward the outside beyond what is seen, toward the eternal and the story.