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Red Stripe

Red butcher stripe, a green motif tie and a navy blazer. What an in your face, jovial, bursting with color outfit. There is an undeniable sort of Polo Ralph Lauren Ad feeling to something like this. On Episode 22 of the podcast I mentioned something similar to this, but in the case of what I mentioned in that episode I considered the possibility of a houndstooth or glen check sport coat. Now that would kick it up a notch. You can imagine it, it is loud but/and it is beautiful.

Red and green of course has a Christmas connotation, but it's funny because you don't really get any sort of Christmas feeling from this outfit. Maybe it is because it is nowhere near December, maybe it is because there is no plaid, maybe it is because the red is bright in a non-Christmas way and in a more summer red, firetruck way, maybe it is that the fabric is thinner, maybe it is that the tie has nothing to do with autumn, winter or Christmas. Whatever the reason may be, this combination, despite being red and green, doesn't have a particular Christmas feeling to it. It radiates a bright, warm, jubilant, flippant, carefree sense of joy. It is a feeling which can find itself very welcome in these days, in these times.

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