Red University Stripe

The purists of the purists stick to only the white, blue, yellow and pink solid OCBDs. When it comes to their university stripe, they stick to the same blue, yellow and pink. Although I am a bit of a purist when it comes to my style of shit and details of OCBD, when it comes to university stripe colors, I am no purist at all. I am always on the lookout for different university stripe variants. Aqua, violet, purple, orange, mint, charcoal, green etc...

To my mind, the university stripe is the perfect shirt in our wardrobe to be a bit adventurous with, when it comes to color. No matter what color stripe, the shirt is half white, due to the equal size of the stripes. No matter what color the colored stripe may be, the white stripe is always pulling you back toward the center. It is always diluting the overall shade/hue/feel of the shirt. The traditional uniformity of the pattern and the centered balance due to the white always pulling you back to the neutral. You can almost never mess up an odd-color university stripe.

When it comes to the university stripe, red isn't really too odd. I would say that outside of the purist standards [yellow, pink, blue], red is probably next in line as a standard commonly found stripe. I first decided I wanted a red university stripe OCBD a long time ago when I saw Michael Keaton wearing one in the 1983 film, Mr. Mom. In the particular scene above, out of frame, he is wearing very light / faded jeans on the bottom. So 80s. Of course, as you can see, the collar is big and beautiful. The 1980s, still being a time in which one could easily buy an OCBD with a full collar point.

The red university stripe is really quite versatile. Blue, green, yellow [you do get some hot dog summer feelings with this] and brown all work quite well for ties paired with the red. A navy blazer, like in the photo above, warm hue tweeds and even cold gray herringbone work well for the sport coats. I generally, personally try to stick with knit ties and motif ties when wearing an odd-color university stripe. But, the right rep ties can totally work beautifully as well.

In the photo at the top, the OCBD is M. Spencer, the navy blazer Ralph Lauren and the tie J. Press.