Red, White & Blue

Light Blue OCBD

Standard Blue OCBD

Blue University Stripe

Each of these options would work wonderfully paired with this tie and navy blazer. I considered each of them, but in the end, as I almost always do, I went with the most understated choice. The blue university stripe would be very interesting. The stripes of the shirt running vertically and the stripes on the tie running horizontally. Very layered, very visually contradictory with some really nice tension. I will certainly do that some time.

I love the texture of this knit tie. It is so nubby with lots of depth. The texture alone brings so much life to this outfit. The white OCBD and the navy blazer are perfect for this in that both get out of the way of the knit tie. They don't crowd it out with trying to compete for interest. As is so often the case, less truly can be more.