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Returning to the Sweater Vest

I have written about the sweater vest before, on more than one occasion. However, there is always something more you can say, or so it seems. The truth is, and many would disagree, but I like the sweater vest more than a standard long sleeve sweater. The primary reason is that my arms have much more flexibility and motion in the sweater vest. I can roll up my sleeves and the actual movement at the joints is more fluid due to the absence of fabric over my shirt sleeves.

If you are doing anything that may make your hands, wrists, or arms dirty, it is much easier to do all this in a sweater vest. Just rolls up your sleeves. How many times have you been washing your hands and the sleeve of your sweater ends up wet and then you have that strange sort of semi wet cuff for the next hour? This simply doesn't happen when I am wearing a sweater vest. Someone could say that they are less warm than a standard long sleeve sweater. Well, that is true. Less of your body is covered so thusly it is less warm. That being said, I don't really like getting overheated inside with a sweater on. You know that thing where you slowly bake inside with too many layers on and you don't realize until you are feeling quite warm? That, for some reason, makes my head feel hot. I call it hot-head. I never really have this happen with the sweater vest.

The sweater vest is simply a more versatile piece of clothing than the standard long sleeve sweater. There is something, almost more utilitarian or useful about the sweater vest. For my life, it feels like it does everything a sweater does, but more and better. I simply feel more free in a sweater vest and in a way it feels like it suits an active, normal life, better than the standard long sleeve sweater. Or it feels that way for me, at least. A lot of guys think they look dorky. They feel like they couldn't wear it because they would look nerdy or something. I get that, I understand. But, I have to say, I feel the exact opposite. With the right attitude, carrying yourself the right way, I actually think the sweater vest is less dorky, and even in a way more natural and in a way more normal-working-living-life friendly.

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