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Revisiting the Thin Blue Stripe

I really need to wear this shirt more often. This is one of those shirts that just sort of falls by the wayside and I end up not wearing it as often as I should. I am not sure why because whenever I wear it, I love it. I love that it isn't as closed as a university stripe with small balanced stripes. I also love that it isn't as heavy as a butcher stripe. It is incredibly airy and breezy. It feels so open and bright, yet it isn't plain like a white OCBD. It feels both 90s and old-timey. I could almost imagine it as a shirt from the 20s or something. It is a great shirt. I am going to resolve to wear it more often.

A shirt like this, with such easy to pair colors is so great because so many ties and sport coats can work with it. I went with some versatile chinos today which limited my tie choice a bit. For the tie, I went with this standards of standards, a navy wool knit tie, vintage Lands' End. This is one of those ties that is a cool weather life-saver. It looks great with so much and the fabric compliments the season wonderfully. When it doubt, go for this one. I like a wool knit like this so much because the texture of the fabric is so warm and comfortable. There is no shine, glimmer, no eye-grabbing anything. It simply is.

This outfit is very interesting. It is hard to put your finger on. Everything works great, comfortably and is not overly snappy or in your face. Yet, all of the pieces, with the exception of the tie, are a bit more interesting. The pants are classic for autumn, but they aren't just khaki. The shirt is less common than a university stripe, while being easily pair-able. The sport coat is a fairly dynamic tan glen check. It is both very simple and unostentatious and at the same time hard to pin down and a bit rare or just out. It basically sits on this track that makes you step back when looking at it, it is both hard to get a real handle on it while also working perfectly in a totally unostentatious way. When you have an outfit that sits in this place it is very nice, it feels hard to replicate, it feels unique and a bit unexplored.

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