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Rowing Blazers Rugby

All of my life I have never really been a "rugby guy". Some guys wear them all the time. For some reason, they just never clicked with me. That being said, I may be on the cusp of changing my attitude toward them. Just last week I bought a rugby from Rowing Blazers. Over the past few years I have heard much about their (in)famous super heavyweight (400g/ 14oz) rugby shirts and I must say after giving them a try that I truly love this shirt.

The weight is insane. It's certainly super heavy weight. When you are wearing it over an OCBD you really feel the fabric weighing on you in a super substantial, strong, comfortable and warming way. This thing is a serious garment. I imagine this shirt will last decades. Apparently the fabric for these super heavyweight rugby shirts are made on old vintage knitting machines in Europe which ends up producing something quite unique and special. I am not a rugby specialist so I can't comment too extensively on other rugby shirts. But, I can say that I absolutely love this shirt. I am already thinking about buying another one.

It is spring right now, and rugby shirts aren't exactly the most "spring shirt" and the colors I chose for mine are very autumnal. That being said, It has been cold and rainy, and even with some snow for the past week. The way I see it, I just got this great shirt, I certainly won't wear it in summer so I thought that I may as well take it for a spin. Last Shabbat I spent almost the whole day outside reading while wearing this rugby over an OCBD. Absolutely perfect for a brisk day relaxing.

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