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Simple & Muted

The tie I am wearing is, as you may have been able to infer, a vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Tie, 1990s. There are certainly vintage elements to this tie which certainly feel like the era from whence it came, but it is not so bold. The colors are all quite muted. and there is nothing too particularly attention-seeking. It is actually quite understated and with a certain mundane semi-seriousness.

Sometimes, I think guys may like these ties from this era, but don't know how to incorporate them in an outfit, without looking "too much". I think often, the key to incorporating a tie with such a characteristic feel is to take 1 of 2 options. The first option is to incorporate the tie in a decidedly muted, simple, plain outfit. It allows the tie to take the lead, while also keeping everything so low that the chance of over-busy-ness is minimized. This is the option that would best suit most men, most of the time.

The second option is to pair the tie with other bold elements. In this approach you are embracing the bold, daring elements of the outfit and confidently taking full ownership of the choices. You aren't hiding or minimizing but rather maximizing. This is much more risky and often doesn't look good unless you have the right attitude and the everything is just perfect. I think this approach can be fun and when done right can feel very right, but it is more suited for the more advanced man with a very strong sense of his style and very particular style approach / personality.

As mentioned above, the tie in this photo is not too bold, it is muted and quite simple, nevertheless it certainly does have a character to it which exudes a certain drifting toward an earlier decade. And, it is for that reason that today, in cloud covered, chilly December, brazen, flippant and bold don't feel right, rather a move toward the muted and plain suits this tie in my, and perhaps your, world today.

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