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Simple Purple

As it is now the season of spring colors, I am right out of the gate with a purple OCBD. I have written and spoken much about the purple OCBD and how it feels like a shirt that is locked exclusively in spring. In this post I will be focusing on the pairing of this purple OCBD as opposed to my theory and idea as to the seasonal appropriateness of the shirt as a standalone article of clothing.

The purple OCBD is a unique, special and springtime shirt which more often than not reads as bold. Many pairings with your purple OCBD will only accentuate the boldness. Green ties and yellow ties will bring out this bold daring color by leaning into the aggressive preppy friction-optimism that characterizes so many quintessential bold preppy outfits. This outfit however is the total opposite. This is as subtle and nuanced as you get with the purple OCBD. It is so understated and simple with such a basic and harmonious palette that almost no analysis is needed. It practically speaks for itself.

Navy, soft white and a light warm baby blue that is so close to the purple, yet not in a clashing "matchy - matchy" way. Pairing this tie and this navy blazer with the purple OCBD brings everything to an incredibly subtle, gentle nuanced place. It is no longer the daring, unabashedly preppy purple OCBD screaming for your attention but almost confuses your eye and you feel like you are looking at a strange-blue. It would be hard to get to this place without this specific tie, I must say. This tie is in just the perfect spot.

A tie that is similar of course would work wonderfully. The key would be to find a way with any combination of dark blues / navy and light blues and white to keep everything subtle while not creating a sense that your tie is blending in with your shirt. It has to be close in and in the same direction yet still differentiated. It's a delicate balance. As for this tie, I picked it up at a thrift store for $2.99. It is Lands' End. The OCBD is a Brooks Brothers unlined from a few years back.

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