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Simply Tattersall

I don't find myself wearing tattersall all too often. For some reason, it just never ends up screaming out to me like a university stripe does. Nevertheless, on the right day, at the right time, it's just perfect. For me, tattersall always feels casual. It isn't really a formal shirt for me. Any kind of check feels more casual in my mind.

Today, it is Sunday and the beginning of October. It is misty, foggy and humid outside. I am working, yet it isn't the official work week. Sundays tend to be a bit more casual on my side. Today, a tight micro check tattersall feels just right.

Tattersall like this certainly has a very old, traditional feel to it. This shirt feels very mid century, maybe even a bit earlier. I certainly love the feeling I get when I wear a tattersall like this. It feels timeless. It feels mature. Even though I don't wear tattersall all too often, I love when I do. I prefer to wear a check like this senza tie.

Perhaps one day I will wear tattersall a bit more. We go through different periods in our lives. This outfit is not complicated, it's the simplest thing yet just right for this Sunday. This photograph / outfit feels like it could be from before 1965. In my book, that is a very good sign.

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