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Sky Blue Seersucker

Madras is wonderful, linen is wonderful, seersucker is wonderful. I love all my summer fabrics equally. But, there is a special place in my heart for seersucker. Seersucker is by far the most textured of all summer fabrics, and one of the most textured fabrics in our style-world, period. Seersucker and corduroy are probably the fabrics with the most interesting and rich texture in our style. Seersucker is, for us, a beautifully New World fabric. Coming from the east - India originally - seersucker makes its way to us in the West in which it comes into its own unique place. In our civilization, when looking upon the past in the rear view mirror, it comes to remind us of such a dreamy early 20th century New World.

This sky blue seersucker button down is so perfectly and iconically summer. The most perfect, simple combination that works for practically every man. A traditional roomy fit which lets the fabric blow in the breeze, bringing itself off your back, giving you a respite from the humidity. The utility pocket is particularly unique. I generally never buy shirts with utility pockets. It is not that I despise them or anything like that, they are just not my general preference. I have to say though, I love it on this shirt. It is another unique feature of a unique fabric that we only get to wear one season each year.

An outfit that is at home among the simple of the simple. Complimented with natural chino shorts, simple leather belt, standard traditional brown boat shoes, this outfit is unassuming and simply summer. There are days when we want some adventure, there are days when we hope for some ease and steadfast simplicity. There is a time for all things. I think a key to dressing in our style day in, day out is allowing ourselves to do what feels right when it feels right. Some days are bold, some days are simple. Some days we are glad, some days we are stern.

Sitting outside, feeling the breeze come in waves, breaking the heat, I look up and watch the clouds passing overhead. The white against the blue, dancing and playing. I am taken far away to another place, a place outside of the vulgar world of the casino horse race. As the sights and sounds of creation take me to another place, inspire me to think in another way, as does seersucker, in its own little way. Seersucker takes us, or reminds us, of a world that feels so far away. We cannot go there, we cannot go back, but we can bring a little bit of it along with us. We can perhaps bring a little bit here today.

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