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Spirit, Outlook, Vibe, Attitude

This is one of those outfits where there is a lot going on and what makes it all work is a sort of embracing of the busy-ness and an almost campy-ness. It is hard to describe but there is a certain sort of nonchalant camp to some autumn wear in Ivy/Prep area. Originally I was going to wear a plain brown herringbone tweed. That is the safe path. That works fantastic. But, at the last minute I decided to go with this bolder patterned sport coat.

I am always belaboring and droning on and on about simplicity, but sometimes, for certain outfits, an embrace, within limits and appropriately done, of the busy-ness is what makes it all work. You read this and you think "What is he talking about? How would the attitude impact anything?" I get it, it is very wispy and in the air, it's hard to put your finger on. It's more like music than anything concrete.

The idea is more or less in line with the concept that your attitude and vibe has a large impact in determining whether you can pull something off. It isn't just your body type, your skin tone etc... There is absolutely truth to this idea of the importance of attitude, outlook and vibe. Why can certain guys pull certain things off and other guys can't? Why do certain things look natural on some men and the same thing on others looks unnatural. It is about a sort of attitude, the way you wear it. It is a spirit, in the air. It's almost impossible to put your finger on, but it is there.

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