Spring Shirts

My closet has officially transitioned from winter to spring. My winter wardrobe is packed away and my closet is full of spring pastels. There are still a few more days until spring officially begins for me. Until then I will be wearing mostly white OCBDs.

Everybody starts wearing their spring wardrobe at a slightly different time. Some go with what the weather demands, some follow a guideline they read somewhere and some develop their own guideline. Some are more doctrinaire than others. For myself, a Jew, spring begins with Passover / פסח. Just as many Christians define their sartorial spring by their spring religious holiday, Easter, I define my sartorial spring by our spring religious holiday, Passover.

This weekend, when Passover begins I will no longer be wearing my tweeds, dark earth-tone chinos, standard blue OCBDs or dark winter sweaters until months from now. Instead I will be wearing my spring sport coats, blazers, light blue OCBDs, pastels, bright university stripes, navy chinos and light stone chinos. There will still be some brisk days ahead, I live in the north. In early spring, where I live, your wardrobe sometimes takes on an aspirational tone.

As for the shirts [OCBDs] pictured in the photo above. They are, from left to right, as follows:


Pink & White Check

Light Blue and White Thick Stripe

Green Stripe

Orange Stripe

Purple Ground Stripe

Pink Ground Stripe

Purple University Stripe

Yellow University Stripe

Yellow University Stripe

Green University Stripe

Orange University Stripe

Aqua University Stripe

Violet University Stripe

Blue University Stripe

Pink University Stripe


Light Green






Light Blue

Light Blue




 Hag Aviv Sameah / חג אביב שמח / Happy Spring Holiday