Strange Shirt: Pink University Stripe Oxford Cloth Popover Edition

This is certainly one of the strangest shirts I own. A pink university stripe short sleeve oxford cloth popover. I love pink university stripe and there is something wonderfully novel about the short sleeve OCBD. The popover however is a next level of oddity. These are hard to find today, outside of custom made, of course. A solid popover with a nice big collar roll is almost impossible to find, unless it is deadstock from many years ago.

This particular popover is Brooks Brothers. I found it from an ebay seller who sells new shirts that come from the [now defunct] factory in Garland. Allegedly, this shirt was originally planned for the Japanese Brooks Brothers market. I am not sure if that is true or not, that is all I was told. What I do know however, is that at the time I bought this shirt, Brooks Brothers was not selling any popovers made of oxford cloth.

The popover is a wild shirt. It is hard to get a handle on it. It is very casual but in the strangest ways. That it is so rarely seen today throws you for a bit when trying to understand and categorize it. It's casual but almost feels a bit "worker-esque" for lack of a better word. The fact that the bottom of the placket is so visible and pronounced gives a certain utility feeling.

Wearing it with one or 2 buttons undone is my general approach. However, unbuttoning more of the buttons can really create draw attention and make interesting use of this very unique shirt.

For example, a time when this could be appropriate would be at the end of spending the day on the beach. As the temperature is dropping as the sun dips, throwing it on [or popping it over one could say], with all 4 buttons unbuttoned, giving just enough cover from the newly chilled air, while still being ultra casual for the beach is an absolutely stellar, unique, almost never seen look today. The popover is so strange and weird, but also beautiful and wonderfully unique in the best way.