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Summer Pink

The most daring summer pants of all are the GTH pants with motifs all over the fabric. Personally, I do not like this kind of pant. It's too much for me. Some guys like them, and some even can pull them off in their own way. It's just not for me. For my style approach, these are my GTH pants.

Pale pink chinos paired with a white OCBD, navy blazer, seersucker belt and boat shoes. It's funny, theoretically a green knit tie *should* work perfectly in this outfit. Yet, if you imagine that, it's way too much. I think it is almost impossible to wear a tie with this outfit or one similar. It puts you over the edge into clown territory and/or 70s territory.

These kinds of pants are just so bold that trying to bring a tie - even one totally understated, knit and plain, in a color which compliments pink wonderfully in a prep style - into this outfit is too much. It's too difficult to do so that as soon as you do, it becomes way too much.

Oddly, the seersucker belt works wonderfully. This is actually a bold, unique belt, yet it doesn't put the setting over the edge. Perhaps because the light blue of the seersucker is in the same corner as the navy of the blazer, or maybe because the belt is less visible, smaller in it's appearance and hidden in the midsection. Whatever the reason, the addition of this bold belt element doesn't move the outfit into clown territory. It is a nice compliment which helps the summer direction - feeling of the outfit in it's use of a classic summer fabric.

While the motif adorned GTH pants are too much for me, these pants may be too much for many. I know that. If they are not too much for you, and you like this look, I suggest always erring on the side of caution when wearing them. If you are going to wear bold pants like this in the summer, aim for the most neutral possible options for all of the other pieces in your outfit. If, to put it simply, one only has 10 bold-points available for use in an outfit without going over the edge, pants like this use up 8 points alone. The addition of the seersucker belt brings this outfit to 9.5 in this imagined point world.

Of course, there are other options you can try with pants like this. These other options however can be like flying very close to the sun and if not done exactly correct, with the right mood, in the right atmosphere and weather, it can easily fail. Some options that can work but are more daring and right on the edge are as follows.

1 / Casual approach untucked blue university stripe OCBD, pale pink chinos, brown belt, classic light boat shoes

2 / Blue and white seersucker sport coat, pale pink chinos, white OCBD, brown belt, loafers

Something I love about summer is the opportunity for bold pants like this. For much of the winter and fall, apart from certain corduroy, our pant choices are fairly neutral. When summer comes, we get an opportunity to explore bold colors on our pants in a natural way which suits the season perfectly. The temptation is always to be bored by the restriction on the rest of the outfit choices that comes with pants like this, and for many this restriction proves too much and they end up doing too much. I have fallen victim myself to this. I can say with certainty though, if you are able to restrain yourself and resist this temptation and stick with simple and plain for the rest of the choices, you will not regret it and will find yourself with a wonderful, fun, light, breezy, summery, dignified, masculine, confident setting.

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