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Summer Sun

One of the most simple yet most quintessential summer preppy outfits. Nantucket red chinos, tan/brown boat shoes and a white OCBD worn casually. Unable to be seen is a simple blue seersucker fabric belt. What is there to say about such a classic, iconic look? It is simple, relaxed and perfect. As is the case with most bold chinos, the white OCBD is not only the safest bet, but generally the best option. Blue university stripe works with these pants, but honestly not as well as the plain white OCBD. This combination is iconic for a reason.

There is really no ceremony, no grand statement, no personal creativity with this classic of classics. It is comfortable (in spirit, practicality and purpose) and it is comforting as well. It is the constant. If conservatism isn't about the past but rather the constant, this outfit is the constant (a summer constant). It was the same years ago, the same now, and will be the same years from now. 1000s upon 1000s upon 1000s of men have worn it before, wear it now and will wear it in the future looking more or less exactly as I do here. One of our beautiful summer classics, most perfect in its pure unaltered form, there is nothing else I can add. It is just right the way it was, is and will be.

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