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Sunny Broadcloth

A sunny July day. The sun hanging high in the sky blanketing the landscape with its beautiful life-giving golden rays. Is there a more appropriate shirt for the summer work day than a sunny yellow butcher stripe broadcloth? I have said before that it feels as though the butcher stripe broadcloth is the university stripe of the summer months. A go to, coming in many colors, fun and bold yet still traditional and classic.

When you wear a shirt like this, one with a full 3.25″ collar point, beautiful roll and roomy traditional fit, you are essentially embodying a look that was the same 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago. There is continuity, there is consistency. This is a feeling of settledness and comfort. It feels like home in a sense. Why do we like old things? There are many reasons. Some are personal, some are historical, some are specific to different peoples. Yet, we can understand and appreciate something old from a people not our own, a home not our own and a culture ours. Why is that? There are many reasons, but one is a feeling of continuity. We are comforted by the idea that others were here before me, I am here now, and others will be after me.

There is also something to this in the passing of loved ones. I think that when one is childless (and it seems as though one will not have children) the passing of one's grandparents or parents is more difficult. It is because all of your family is behind you, there is nothing below you, nothing in front of you. You are the end of the trail and that is unsettling to us. It is very hard. I have seen how children are a comfort, it lessens the blow. There is still more. There is something also in this regarding the fact we sad when almost any place is blown up, tore down, destroyed or lost. There was a tremendous sense of aching sadness watching Notre Dame burn. I am not Catholic, yet I became tearful watching that footage.

When we can feel ourselves engaging with the past and a sense that that which we are today may be in the future, we feel a sense of wholeness - a sense of settled comfort. We are as it was and as it will be. We are a link in the chain. As it is with our faiths, our places, our ways, our language, our culture, our foods, our music and our art as it is with our clothing. Some may dismiss this - "It's just clothes!" They obviously do not understand. Anyone reading this obviously understands. We wear our clothes every day of our lives, some of us are buried in clothes. Every day, in our clothes, we remind ourselves and the world of something. What is it that we choose to remember? What is it that we choose to say? Is it a flash in a pan or is it something longer? Something more, something beyond us?

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