Sunny, Snowy Sunday

Sunday, sunny and snowy. A light blue OCBD, stone chinos and brown houndstooth. It could be May or September, yet it is not. It is January. It isn't warm outside, it is freezing. Yet, it is bright. The deep contrasting shadows of the trees set against the white, nearly sparkling snow. The feeling of possibility appears with the sun, even in the cold. Today, I don't need to help the day along with it's sense of positivity. It is already there, I can just be there, in it.

The color of the snow, the hue of the sky and a hint of the shadow all found in the stone, light blue and brown of this clothes setting. The weather, a vista, a scene, a moment. This can be our inspiration for our colors. These are the shades found naturally in a day. We can reflect the very day as it is. They can be our inspiration, our palette for how we set our clothes.

To me, in a way, maybe there is nothing more natural.