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Sustainable & Maintainable

The sustainability and maintainability of our style is one of the great virtues of these clothes we love to wear. Our clothes don't only look good when freshly pressed or sealed in a cryogenic chamber. They look best when worn naturally. This is something that I love about our style, this natural true character. I don't think the importance of this to my thinking can be overstated.

If you look carefully, it seems that a lot of the clothing outside of t-shirts, sweatpants and hoodies looks great when perfectly pressed and vacuum packed but as soon as the shirt begins to wrinkle or any sign of natural wear appears, it is all downhill. This is one of the reasons why everybody is so obsessed with non-iron today. Of course it also has to do with ease, and everyone is obsessed with ease, but it is also because the look, the style, the entire hyper-clean, sleek, modern vibe depends on the clothing looking like it is un-worn while it is being worn.

Ultra sleek, modern, "cool" and "perfect". That is the look that most guys go for when they wear something other than "streetwear". The look-goal is to appear as if the clothing is made of kevlar. It must be impervious to a single wrinkle or sign of life. We could look at this in a bit of a philosophical way and we could think of this as being a kind of revolt against life. So many of the fabrics are unnatural, this is the only way to try to create clothing that is impervious to the natural living of life.

Some time, sit down and compare the footage of an interview from the 1960s in which those involved are wearing a traditional Trad/Ivy style and an interview today in which those involved are wearing commonly found modern suiting / "dress" shirts and pants. When viewed from a point of preference for the inhuman super sleekness of the modern clip, those in the clip form the 1960s will look almost sloppy. You will see wrinkles, the shirts will be full fitting, same for the pants and everything will be a more natural muted shade with a general less machine like appearance.

This machine like appearance is the opposite of sustainable and maintainable. This approach is an approach of a cold, robot like rejection of living. It can be thought of like the value of a car. Everybody knows an old saying about how the minute you drive the car off the lot it drops in value. This same principle is at play here in much of this kind of sleek, anti-human clothing today. The moment an outfit shows a sign of life, the worse it looks. Just as this leads to the manufacturing of strange unnatural fabrics and treatment methods, this also leads to unnatural living in our clothes. You can tell when a guy is afraid of his shirt or pants getting wrinkled. You can tell when a guy is not comfortable in his clothes. This just further removes more human-ness.

Our style is the opposite of this. The clothes we wear look better the more worn-in they are. The natural wrinkle of the OCBD is beautiful. Our clothes are made of natural fabrics. Non-iron is a profane word in our world. Our style world is about natural living, natural life. The natural wrinkle in your pants, the fraying in your OCBD, the wrinkles on your OCBD at the end of the day. These signs of natural wear do not bother us, but rather they are preferable to us. Our style world loves life in it's natural state.

Our clothes are not too tight, they do not make us look cartoonish, they are not meant to look worse with every wearing. They sit on our bodies naturally and the older our pieces get, in general, the better they look. This is sustainability and maintainability. It is possible to sustain our look and our approach day in, day out. It is possible to maintain a consistent, reliable approach every day of your life within our style world. You can live a natural life, a normal life, and not live in a constant stilted fear of the ever dreaded single wrinkle that sullies your entire look.

To my thinking, this element of consistent sustainability and maintainability found so clearly in our style is of such great importance. So much of our world today is inhuman. Whether it be technological forces, cultural forces, sociological forces, anti-natalist forces etc... So much of the general trend is toward the opposite of natural sustainable life. Wearing clothes which continually re-affirm and display natural life everyday is a constant and continual reminder of the natural, the pure, the true and life itself.

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