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The Best Among Us

All peoples, nations, tribes, races, religions, ethnicities have their own best among them. There are intellectual, spiritual, physical, creative, artistic and political bests to be found among all the groups of the world. Of course there are overlapping circles. You may have race but also religion and ethnicity. These are all different categories and there are bests among them. This isn't about weird creepy deterministic stuff, it's about peoples who make up our earth and the societies they build and destroy. There is a best among all of the groups of the world. This isn't about which group is the best at any given pursuit. It is about and I repeat again, the idea that among all the various in-groups, there are the best among them. A correctly ordered society is structured so their true best represents them to the outside world, creates their art, leads them spiritually and governs them organically and true to the spirit of their people.

Many of the problems we see today are a result of the best not leading, thinking, creating or ruling. The founders of the United States of America thought a lot about how to ensure the rightful best specimens would rule. There is no perfect system. Ultimately, there is nothing perfect outside of God. We can only do our best. Why and how did the founders' vision become turned against itself? That is a big question without a perfectly clear answer. Besides, I am not only talking about America exclusively. I am talking about much of the world. Not all of the world, but much of it.

Largely, to my mind, what I believe has occurred is that an anti-aspirational, anti-patriarchal, anti-hierarchical sentiment took root and started first as ideas and ideologies but then morphed into a sort of psychopathic worldview that has become so rooted and deeply entrenched in much of the gears of our society and even the mass conception of the world, that now what the society conceives of as good, strong, right or beautiful is entirely wrong and opposite. It is now geared toward lowering and anti-aspirational. It feels as if it is a deep truth but is only a new mutilation. If there was once masterful beauty, we now have destroyed ugliness. If there was once leadership, there is now mob rule. If there was once aspiration there is now degradation.

There is still an "elite" of course. We still have rulers. At this point you may wonder "well then how is it mob rule?" Because it is the values of the mob which in a cyclical pattern decided that this was what their elite were to be. Whether you want to call what preceded this and held it back - God, religion or a sub-urge of ascendency - that is gone. The general assumption about what a leader was - a strong man - is now gone. It doesn't matter if you can trace the origination of that assumption to the bible, to religiosity, to authority, to nature, to survival of the fittest in the pre-industrial age, to a sort of general spirit of order and resonating with rather than rejecting our correct-true nature, whatever it was (and it was many things) that is gone from the surface today. All of your attributions are most likely right at the same time. This is such a slippery and hidden, hard to touch idea that is connected by so many invisible threads that it feels like it isn't even there. You can only sense it and sense that something is off.

The truth is still there below the surface. This truth, among many other uncomfortable truths about the nature of man, relationships, governance, society - they are still there and will always be there. They manifest sometimes in ways we don't imagine or notice, but they are there. In fact, that so much is directly inverted is a sign that they are there, functioning as a magnet pushing one pole away from the other. The degradation of today is defined by it's total opposition to the aspiration of yesterday.

The sublimation of the best of a people and of the various peoples of the world doesn't just impact the people within but also their relations with other peoples. To put it simply when you have the best representing their people you have the greatest chance of success, victory, peaceful intercourse and possibility of solving problems. Today we have fools that scream at each other. How is it working for us? No wonder everything is so low. For the greater good of the world, the best, the higher must be those who represent their people to the world. We now, in a way live in a tyranny of fools.

How all of the various categorizations and in-groups of the world choose their best varies. Some by monarchy, some by feats, some by spiritual ordination, some by meritocracy. Not all peoples are the same. I think about this problem of the rule of the lessers, rule of the lower urges, rule of the amoral and the most rapacious. We are not ruled by a virtuous truly good and brilliant elite. Our society incentivizes some of the worst individuals and behaviors and does so in a way which sets an invisible ceiling crafted so that those who rise are the most amoral, pathetic, cowardly and un-thinking, un-creative while the truly bright, truly strong, truly moral and truly upright are eliminated or are understood to be fools. And of course the problem is that still are fools. Not all fools are brilliant yet in our world certainly the brilliant will be perceived as among the fools. Funhouse world that we live in. This makes understanding anything of the world total and complete anarchy. All of this is either a creation as part of a grand conspiracy to keep an invisible ceiling above the populations so as to not threaten any sort of order or it is a manifestation of our lower urges coming out and becoming doctrine in the age of the post-west. You could get really religious and holy roller with it and consider it is a punishment from heaven. In my opinion it is simply all too grand, cataclysmic to be as pedantic as a "conspiracy".

Think of what you read, who you hear speak, the ideas that people talk about. If it is from anywhere with any sort of reputability it is most likely not very interesting, not so bright and not so insightful. How is it that all of the leaders, the rulers, the "thinkers" are simply not bright, not interesting? We are ruled by the upper midwit. This can also be the function of the mob. The upper midwit sits in a place that is perfectly suitable for a critical mass of people. He will give a critical mass of striver what they want and he ultimately won't ever venture beyond into any intellectual territory that could actually destabilize people's worldviews. He won't make one's skin crawl because he revealed something that you have always lied about to yourself, wishing it wasn't the case and hearing it out loud confirms your worse fears (or secret hopes). He is a manifestation and tool of the lower complacency urges of a critical mass of the people. He is the tool of self-soothing and lowering-ness.

This isn't about it happening in one case. It isn't some organized conspiracy. It is about a sort of general societal orientation. Why exactly do you think that century after century, the Western world dominated so much for so long? And why don't you hear about any of the grand achievements of so many other places in the world? There are 1000s of objective, provable reasons that are very detailed but there is something that is below all of it. It is because most of the places and peoples in the world have chosen the path of self-soothing lowering. Most people's do not allow themselves to aspire to good or greatness. This is the path we are on currently. This path of self soothing lowering is a lower state of man and the way that emerges when the lower secret urges of the masses (this means everyone including sublimated elites) have their way. It is like a snowball going down a hill, it is momentum.

This is not to say the elites always know what is best. The true elites do, but the true elites are not always the elites who rule and guide. There can be, and always is among degraded peoples, a displaced, sublimated elite. This is when societies do not thrive, do not move toward anything good and people are worst off. It is a cyclical relationship between all of the people in the society, their values, who they want as their best and what they think that best is. In this cyclical relationship, the people bring about elites which reflect what urges they allow to be found dominant.

This cycle is also about a spirit of a people. There is archaic spirits of peoples and temporal surface spirits of peoples. A people may have a spirit from the ancient but it becomes covered by a spirit of the temporal surface. When both these spirits align is when a people thrive. When both spirits align is when a people thrives not only in one way, but when they are truly whole.

A good society geared toward ensuring the best govern, create, lead and think is not a society that is ordered in a way so as to subjugate the masses. It is the exact opposite. This good society which is lead by it's best helps elevate the masses. This manifestation of the superior specimens leading doesn't disenfranchise all others but helps inspire and bring upward all men. This society elevates man to be his best as a representation of masculinity, elevates woman to be her best as a representation of femininity. It is not about subjugation, it is about aspiration and betterment. It is not the acknowledgment of a best which brings subjugation. In fact, in our society which has sublimated the best, we are subjugated by way of different psychological, philosophical means.

Imagine a world in which all the peoples, nations, tribes, races, religions, ethnicities were ruled from within by their natural bests and their societies were all organically coherent within, true to their archaic spirit and modern temporal surface spirit. In truth, maybe as soon as it happened the world would be destroyed in a total war of all against all. Perhaps the power of a spirit of total wholeness with the most brave and courages leading the militaries of all of the peoples of the world simultaneously would bring the world to it's end. The spirit of the peoples all together would perhaps be all too high and electric, the thirst for domination too high. Or maybe it would be total pure peace, maybe it would be a dawning of the messianic age. I do not know.

This question, this topic fascinates me, haunts me. Man can be so great. Men of all peoples, nations, tribes, races, religions, ethnicities can all be so great. It feels as though there is a conspiracy against all men and if not the men themselves, the spirit of man - a conspiracy to bring him low. To me, this is beyond conspiracy ideas. It is religious in nature, it is spiritual. It is about evil and disorder. When I look around today, logical rational explanations fail me. What we are living through has to be spiritual in nature.

I cannot make our society, the world, the peoples all choose their rightful best. I can only do so much. I am only one man. I can control my world. I can only tell the truth and try to be a force for good. I can teach my son and daughter what I believe. I can try to lift other men up, men of all stations in life. I do believe that despite living in a society geared toward the incentivizing of lowering traits, we possess the ability to change our world and our world around us. We do have the ability to go against the grain, go against the lowering and reject the false "best". I believe there is a hidden best among all the peoples and maybe it's possible to help awaken them out of degradation.

The dead body can only float down the river, can only be carried along with the current. It is the alive body which swims upstream, against the current.

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