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The Light Blue OCBD

The blue OCBD has a permanent home in every man's wardrobe. It is versatile and classic and will be with us for as long as Trad/Ivy/Prep is with us. The light blue OCBD is a little less common, but I love it no less.

Situated right in between your standard white and standard blue, the light blue is almost more of a sky blue. This light blue shade is fantastic for ties that feel a bit too dark to be worn with the standard blue. Without this light blue, you would reach for a white or ecru OCBD from your closet and all would be fine. But, with the this light blue, you have a new possibility. You can have still maintain a cold blue base, but move the shade far enough away from that which appears on the tie in order to create a beautiful contrast. The tie I am wearing in the picture at the top of this piece is a perfect example of this. This tie is not necessarily exceptionally dark, it can work with a standard blue. But, it surely isn't light, it is a darker, richer tie. It looks much better paired with this lighter blue. The colors are so rich in the tie and the navy blazer is of course, dark. Two darker, richer elements. Using this light blue OCBD and putting some space between the shade of the shirt and the rich colors of the tie and navy blazer helps to open up a space/gap in the hue and brighten the setting with some contrast which leads to a more harmonious appearance.

Imagine a standard blue OCBD in this setting. It is okay, but it doesn't feel as harmonious. It feels too close, cluttered. No space or contrast.

The light blue OCBD is a fantastic choice of blue for spring and summer. In the lighter, more frivolous months, lightening things up with colors that feel less saturated is a natural compliment to the season.

I own 2 of these light blue OCBDs. I have one from Brooks Brothers and one from Ratio Clothing. Both are, of course, all unlined. The Ratio OCBD is what is worn in this picture. I love the collar roll on this perfect shade of light blue, nonchalant, not overly perfect, natural.

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