The Sartorial Theory of a Future Tucker Carlson Presidential Campaign

If you have followed Tucker Carlson over the course of his career you may have noticed a trend - progression of distinct changes in his sartorial choices. Before I begin, I want to head off a refutation one could make. Someone could claim that I am looking to into "it". To this I say, I am clearly not. Tucker Carlson's attire has been a topic of discussion his entire career from the early days when he consistently wore bowties. As someone who has dressed in a Trad/Ivy/Prep style his entire career, not only is he clearly aware of the distinct choices he makes and does so for a reason, he is also clearly aware of the way others perceive his choices, and that they make note of them.

In Tucker Carlson's younger days he wore bowties very consistently. People talked about them, wrote about them, and brought attention to them. He obviously enjoyed them and was making a clear decision to wear them when very few others did. Men, and especially young men aren't pushed into wearing bowties these days. If a man is wearing a bowtie often, it is a distinct choice. Why did he choose to wear them? I can't know that, but he was young and wore them consistently, and clearly intentionally.

Years after wearing the bowtie consistently, Tucker Carlson stopped wearing bowties entirely. In this period he wore classic Ivy/Trad/Prep attire, senza bowtie. In these years both on television and in speaking engagements Tucker Carlson wore sport coats with check patterns, tweed coupled with rep ties, motif ties and patterned ties.

After this period Tucker Carlson moved into a period in which he wore exclusively rep ties paired with plain, dark suits for public appearances. We are currently in this period in 2020. Tucker Carlson has appeared on more informal podcasts and speaking engagements wearing chinos, but accompanied by a blazer, not any sport coat with any sort of pattern. Tucker Carlson Tonight began 4 years ago and over the course of those 4 years, I don't believe Tucker has ever worn a tie on his show that was not a rep tie. I haven't seen every single episode, but I have seen many of them, consistently, and I made note of this in 2017 after a few months of never seeing another kind of tie, and have kept my eye on it ever since. It is a very conscious choice to wear only rep ties, and nothing else. Any man who wears ties on a consistent basis and who is involved with Trad/Ivy/Prep menswear, understands this.

The question is why did Tucker Carlson make these changes in his public wardrobe at the times he did and what does it mean? As for the choice to forgo bowties, I don't have any grand speculative idea. Perhaps he got sick of being "the bowtie guy", or maybe the signal he was sending, he no longer wanted to send. Why did he stop wearing patterned sport coats and motif ties, and adopted only plain dark suits and rep ties? Maybe he felt that he was in a new stage in his life, an older stage. No longer being a young man, some of the youthful energy that can sometimes be exuded with the glen check and a motif tie didn't suit his feeling of life anymore. Maybe the world changed, and as things grew grimmer and more dismal, as the flippancy of years past ran out, with the inevitable conclusions to the decisions made in those fool hardy years looming in front of us, sartorially whistling through the graveyard wasn't so appealing.

There is a theory that if one is running for President one shouldn't appear too above or beyond one's voters / populace. If you look too removed from them, they will not feel any sort of feeling of shared-ness with you and you simply aren't personally appealing to them. Of course you will always look beyond some if not even many, as most men do not wear suits currently, and the President wears suits daily. But, most men have worn a suit once in their life and it most likely was plain and dark, like that which the President often wears. If a candidate ran who wore glen check sport coats, bowties and colorfully patterned pocket squares, it wouldn't matter if he was a political genius, he wouldn't stand a chance. Or, at least that is how the theory goes. Thusly if we apply this theory to Tucker Carlson's most recent decision to move toward only plain dark suits and rep ties, could it be that he is aware of this theory, and attempting to cement this new image into people's minds in anticipation of running for President one day?

Maybe. I don't know. One could counter that he still often wears striped shirts which are more bold than a plain white dress shirt. That's a good point. Will Tucker Carlson run for President one day? I don't know. Why did he make the sartorial choices he made? I can't know. But, if like me, you believe that there are layers and meaning to aesthetics and style and the choices people make, and that intentional people make their choices for reasons, it certainly is interesting. We will certainly see if the theory plays out. Maybe it will, maybe it won't. But, if it does, and it turns out Tucker Carlson does indeed run for president, I would like copious amounts of credit for my presentation of the theory.