The Simple Choice

Sometimes, the perfect choice is a simple choice. The complex, the colorful, the pattern filled and the vibrant outfits all bring life and color to our world. But, like eating rich food, you can't do it every day of your life. You don't want to every day of your life. Somedays the perfect choice is a simple choice. The choice to cleanse your pallet.

If every day was a holiday, there would be no holidays. If every day was sunny we wouldn't enjoy the warm bright days when they come. Today I chose a blue [with red and white] madder tie. With the tie, I am wearing a white OCBD, and a gray herringbone sport coat. Simple, understated, clean.

I think that sometimes we believe that the only great outfits and only great choices are the colorful, bright and adventurous. Maybe, we are pushed in that direction for a host of reasons. I love those choices for many days of my life, but those are not the only great choices. More, is not always more.

Many days, I find myself admiring the simple and understated choice. The less is more choice. To say something, to be something in a direct way, a simple way and a beautiful way with a careful choice. There is a certain deep masculinity in this choice, this approach. It isn't only that which you wear. It's more than that. There are always more layers.