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The Warmth of Pink & Brown

Pink & brown is a super beautiful color combination, in my opinion. It feels so warm, so gentle, so kind. I saw a photo in a J. Press brochure once of a pink OCBD (like the one I am wearing here) with a brown shaggy dog sweater on top. I thought that was beautiful. I love the brown of these cords set against the soft pink of this OCBD. If I was to put a camel hair sport coat on top, rather than a navy blazer, this outfit would be Neapolitan ice cream influenced. Joking aside, that is an incredibly soft, warm, beautiful winter outfit. It is still a bit too early for that.

I love the particular shade of these brown cords. They are darker than khaki, they are warmer than khaki. They are not chocolate, they are not dark brown. They are just plain, middle of the road, brown. They are essentially almost (key word, almost) as versatile as khaki chinos yet also a bit interesting, a bit different. They are something special for autumn and winter. I love this pink with the brown because there is nothing jarring about it. It is a very soft and gentle contrast. The pink is a lighter shade, it is different than the brown, yet it isn't blue or green. It isn't cool in hue, it is soft and warm, just like the cords.

This fit is perfect for a lazy autumn Sunday. The navy blazer isn't so lazy, but take it off, roll your sleeves up and you are perfectly suited for a project at home, reading in the backyard, taking a walk through the beautiful colors of the season. Comfortable, traditional, relaxed yet not slovenly. If you need to run out for something, head out to meet someone, go out to dinner or drinks - throw the navy blazer back on and you are dressed quite nicely, yet not overdone. As is the case with all our staples, flexibility is always a strong suit. They can almost always easily be dressed up or dressed down.

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