The World as Memory

I was talking to a friend recently and he made note that the world, civilization we care about is mostly a memory at this point. It is dead. It isn't the world as is, it isn't the actual. It's gone, never coming back and lives on only as a memory. That's a dark idea, perhaps it is true, perhaps it isn't. I am not a defeatist or a determinist. The world can change.

We can change the world. Many have before, many will again. But, it is important to acknowledge reality, which I do acknowledge. And in acknowledging reality, my friend is correct. The world and civilization we care about does not exist, it is a memory. Yet, maybe that memory may turn into a dream again, which in turn given strong enough men, may become reality again.

None of this means that we are helpless. It is our job to continue on, care for our families, our culture and all that we love. It is our job to live the life we wish to pass on. We can live a more dignified life, and hope our children can as well, and we can maybe one day even make the world a bit more dignified. Aesthetics, dignity and what this means to Man has been degraded and dismissed for decades. We can do our part to help raise sons with dignity everyday. We can do this by living, acting and being with dignity. We do not need to wait for the world to become that which we long for. We don't need to be wealthy to live with dignity. This has been true in the past, and it is true today.

I am Jewish, Religious, Israeli and a Zionist. I am Zionist who has not forgotten the men who dreamed we could have a state of our own when most couldn't even imagine dreaming such a thing, or who didn't even know such a dream could exist. Visionaries are always like that. They imagine a world that the commoners doubt. They imagine something most dismiss as impossible. Those early Zionist thinkers, dreamers, settlers and leaders were bigger, more daring and greater than anyone we have today. Heroes. I am always wishing I was able to live within the spirit of their time.

To quote one of our great Zionist heroes, Benyamin Ze'ev Herzl:

אם תרצו אין זו אגדה - If you will it, it is no dream