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Thrown Over Trench Coat

It is hard to find trench coats like this anymore. This is a vintage London Fog. It has all the bells and whistles, double breasted, belt, robust length and fit and also includes a thick wool removable zip-in/zip-out lining. This lining makes this trench coat totally wearable even into the low 30s. Just yesterday I was outside for a while in the 30s with just this trench coat and a cardigan over an OCBD, I was totally fine. This is hands down one of my favorite coats.

This coat works wonderful both formally, buttoned up and informally, thrown over in a casual way. As you can see in the photo above, this is a casual thrown over approach. Carmel chinos, white socks, brown camp mocs, light blue OCBD and a blue cardigan (note the bottom of the sleeve on the the left arm, you can see the bottom of the cardigan sleeve there). No tie, no sport coat. Casual. Wearing this coat in this approach and this setting works just as well as formally, in my opinion. I rarely button it up or tie the belt in front in this setting. I wear it open, it is thrown on. Relaxed, uncaring. When I wear it like this I actually tie the belt together loosely behind my back. This keeps the ends out of the way, makes sure the belt doesn't slip out onto the ground. It also looks nice in a peculiarly useful way when seen from the back.

The tightly buttoned up formal approach is its own image, its own form. The casual thrown over, run to the store, weekend approach is also its own unique way to wear the trench. I think both are great. Some guys are hesitant to one or the other, depending on their personal style. Some guys feel like anything less than buttoned up feels off, it feels like wearing a tie with a swimsuit. It doesn't match, it isn't right. For other guys, wearing anything other than the casual thrown over feels too old school, too stern, too formal. I get it, I understand both of these feelings. But, I think there is a place for both approaches, I love both of those feelings, places.

What I love about this trench coat is that because it is vintage, it has everything. Lots of the new pieces are 50% or 75% of the way there, but they hold back, they don't go all the way. The makers shorten it up, they slim it in, they remove the belt, they make it single breasted. They think it makes it more marketable, but it just becomes a lesser version of the real deal. With herringbone, cords and dark knit ties or light stone chinos, a light green OCBD and a navy blazer, this trench coat looks perfect. Perfect in the rain or the sun, wonderful in autumn and spring, dressed up or dressed down.

Classic eternal style.

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