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Tropical Prep Retro-Futurism

This violet university stripe is one of my quintessential spring/summer shirts. The violet is such a beautiful, light yet vibrant shade. It feels so warm, airy and the total opposite of heavy handed. This is a casual spring weekend outfit, no sport coat or tie. For the belt, you can see a casual fabric blue d-ring belt. Of course a brown leather belt would work well but swapping the leather out for something in a complimenting color and with a more casual material pushes the outfit farther into the casual arena. It is the weekend.

There is something dreamy about this shade of violet. There is something dreamy, retro and futuristic about this photo. The shade of the stripe, the lighting and the digital watch together create a feeling that almost otherworldly and lost in time. I love that. I think when you draw the right disparate elements together - some hinting at different times, or different style-approaches within our style world - you can end up creating an outfit, a presentation, a personal style and a feeling that occupies a space all it's own. Maybe it is a space that is drawn out, maybe it is the territory of your long-term personal style. Maybe it is a territory that is temporal, fleeting, maybe it is the territory of just a single outfit on a single day.

This shirt, this outfit, this photo - they all together feel almost like a tropical prep futurism. It feels like the core, the center of gravity in a tropical prep futurist style-world. I am imagining a whole host of other outfits orbiting around this center of style-gravity. It is hard to put your finger on, but I can feel it. The watch is what really pushes it over the edge. I can feel the gravity pulling me toward this style-world. I can feel the gravitational pull of Tropical Prep Retro-Futurism.

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