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Ultra Prep

Shorts, Boat Shoes, OCBD, Navy Blazer and a Madras Tie. This is an outfit of Ultra-Prep. The shorts are what really tip it over the edge. They are what really bring this outfit into the bold super preppy territory. The boat shoes as well help this along. This look may not be for everyone, but it certainly is for me. I love this full embrace of jovial, fun, unabashedly summer prep. I think a good idea when going this route is to go with a totally summer tie to drive home the season. This will help the outfit to avoid looking like the shorts were an afterthought. In addition I would say dress down other aspects of the outfit when possible. I have my collar buttons unbuttoned (some people despise this, I obviously like it when the time is right). You can tie your tie in a way which has a sense of not-caring, sprezzatura sense to it. The wearing of boat shoes, mentioned above, also moves everything in that direction.

These are some things that I did to help bring everything down a bit. It is important to do in an outfit like this because the shorts are so extremely casual, they scream casual summer. You want to find a way to let the formality of the blazer / sport coat meld naturally and feel whole with the shorts. The key is to bring it down toward the direction of the shorts, while still keeping the core / bare minimum there.

Ultra-Prep Summer.

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