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Versatile Purple

We continue our great march through the season of spring. In this photo I am pairing a light green OCBD, one of my favorite spring / summer shirts, with a purple bulldog motif tie from J. Press and a navy blazer, of course. This outfit feels perfectly spring and the purple and light green together really bring the boldness of the season out. Yet, interestingly enough this tie works perfect in autumn as well. Purple is also a wonderful color for autumn. This tie works beautifully on warm rusty tweeds and a blue or yellow OCBD. Autumnal.

Not all purples are as diverse as this particular tie. Some are too rich, too autumnal. Some purple motif ties I have include clearly cold weather motifs. On the other side of the coin, some purples are too bright and only really work in spring. Bright violets, purple OCBDs, lavender university stripes or a beautiful bright violet knit tie which is pure spring-summer perfection. This tie is lovely because it is a purple which truly sits in a perfectly neutral purple place, it can be almost anything you want it to be.

Spring, summer, autumn or winter.

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