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The vintage finds are almost always my favorite finds. Broken in, worn a bit and always brings you back lingering to a different time. It hangs right there next to you. I picked up this shirt a few summers back from Goodwill for 3.99. The tag says -

John Horan Clothier

Sero Shirtmarkers

East Indies Oxford

60s 2 Ply All Cotton

Almost all my favorite sport coats are vintage, many of my favorite ties are vintage and I have quite a few nice vintage shirts as well. Shirts generally tend to be tougher to come by it seems, they tend to take more of an intimate beating. Sometimes you come across a beauty like this. The pattern is beautiful, cool and dark. The fit is traditional and roomy and the dark buttons are warm and natural. This beautiful vintage shirt has a whole feeling all it's own. It is so comfortable in palette, fabric and fit that you want to just live there in it. To my preference one of the great virtues of the vintage shirt is a more often than not, roomy fit. You are not going to end up with an ultra slim or anything that is undersized. When you find a vintage shirt you most likely are going to find something that runs on the bigger side. I love that.

Today we had a piano delivered to our house. There was a lot of moving of furniture, making space and rearranging some things and of course bringing things down to the basement, the universal catch-all for all the junk you don't want in the main part of your house. I always wonder about the person who has a perfectly clean main upstairs and a perfectly clean basement. Where do they store the things they don't really use but can't throw away? It has to be somewhere. Where is that? For a day of moving, rearranging and cleaning, something more casual is appropriate. For pants - jeans and for shoes - red camp mocs. Simple, rough, casual.

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