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Waiting for Spring

With a pink OCBD and a khaki-tan glen check sport coat, I am waiting for spring. I love this pink OCBD paired with this light sport coat. It seems, most often, men will pair the pink OCBD with a navy blazer. This looks fantastic, of course. But, the pink can also work wonderfully with a lighter sport coat like I am wearing here. It is a very early spring, early fall look. The first glimpses of the warm spring sun emerging. Or, alternatively, the final glimpses of the warm summer sun fading.

This sport coat has threads of red, blue, green and orange in the pattern. The green joins up subtly with the green in the rep tie. Brown, pink, khaki-tan, green. I am feeling hungry for some Neapolitan ice cream.

The OCBD is a pink J. Press with flap pocket. The tie is Brooks Brothers. The sport coat is a very vintage (1980s?) Chaps Ralph Lauren.

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