White, Rep & Glen Check

In this photo, I have a white flap pocket OCBD from J. Press paired with a vintage cool hue glen check from Southwick. For the necktie, I am wearing a purple, white and green rep tie from Brooks Brothers. It's easy to go with too busy of a tie when wearing this sport coat, or a sport coat similar. You may have 3 beautiful pieces, but when put together, they crowd each other competing for the attention of the viewer.

Keeping it simple with the white OCBD, gives room for the tie to breathe a bit and not rub up against the glen check pattern. Still, even when I make room with the plain white OCBD, it doesn't give me carte blanche when it comes to the tie. This sport coat is still quite busy. It would still be easy to crowd things. I went with a simple, classic purple, green and white rep tie. The purple and green compliment the broadly cool hue of the sport coat and the white stripe runs with the white OCBD well and the light fabric in the sport coat.