White Socks

An ultra-trad element, a dorky grade school requirement or grandfather-esque style. These seem to be the 3 opinions you can have about white/off white/ cream socks paired loafers. I get why a lot of guys hate them. I get it. It isn't everybody's cup of tea. Bold choices tend to be polarizing. You either love or hate. To the guys who hate the look, I respect you, and you can stop reading. White/off white/cream socks are not a requirement or a must-wear. But, if you are enticed, if you sense yourself interested. If you find yourself saying: "Hm, interesting." Or, "That's kind of nice". You may want to keep reading.

If you are interested, or thinking about it, I say give them a try. They certainly are a "look" and if you are into it, you are going like it a lot. A lot of guys don't do it so much these days, so it will certainly be a bold statement. It will be unique for most. It is a bold statement done in the most neutral way. White/off white/ cream. The most neutral possible. It's a pretty cool little choice for that reason. It's even unique in how it is situated socially in this neutral item reading as bold/unique/specific.

A good practical reason to try them is that they are a great option with navy or other dark chinos. In this photo, I am wearing them with a standard khaki chino. But, they are a great option to pair with a navy chino which is so heavy and dark. The white/ off white/ cream creates a nice light break, a little daylight, between the dark of the pant and the dark of the loafer. There is, beyond the "look", this nice practical sartorial reason to give them a shot.

Like I said, if you are totally turned off by the look, it's okay, let it go, no big deal. It's not a requirement. But, if the idea piques your interest, absolutely go for it. There is a good chance that if you are already interested, you will be very into them. It seems to be one of those things. If you are already there directionally, you will like where it leads.

In this photo the khaki chinos, off white socks and oxblood loafers are set against a beautiful rug I bought years ago at the Haifa Flea Market.