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Yellow & Brown

As of late I have enjoyed pairing light and mid-tone, softer colors with this shade of brown corduroy. I have particularly enjoyed this in the form of university stripe. A few days ago I paired a light red university stripe with this same shade of brown corduroy and in this photo I am pairing an incredibly light yellow university stripe with the same pants. The yellow in this university stripe is so light, so faint it is almost imperceptible in this photo. If you zoom in you can see it. It is equally faint when seen in person, it is a favorite of mine. I love how light, dusty and bright it is.

Generally, I think we may initially want to go the opposite direction. With this brown pant we think of a blue OCBD or a blue university stripe or maybe a purple university stripe or maybe something totally bright and simple - the white OCBD. Maybe it is just me, but I sometimes naturally think if I stay in the light, mid-tone range it will be too close. I think I have a sort of memory of photos from the 1970s. Brown pants, brown jacket, dark yellow shirt and a maroon tie. I get a fear of coming close to that, so heavy, too "match - match".

After breaking through my conditioning and dipping my toe into this place, I have been pleasantly surprised by the kind of combinations that work wonderfully and the soft, warm, gentle understated appearance that appears. This combination is surprising, I think. When you read the title "Yellow & Brown" it doesn't sound so appealing. At first glance it sounds disgusting at worst, 1970s at best. Yet it works wonderfully, this outfit is beautiful. The very subtle green duck motif tie helps add a bit of a spear, a piercing dash of something in the other direction.

I think there is so much that we feel, so much that washes over us when it comes to various palettes and the general sense we get from an outfit and the way the various pieces interact in terms of color. The quality of photos I present here is of great importance to this project. It is important to me that I take high quality photos which will stand the test of time both in terms of presentation and fit - in hopes they, at any time, can and will serve as inspiration and guide. That they may also serve as a chance to see a wide variety of palettes and various combinations of pieces and color and the thought process behind how I put them together and how I understand their essence and feeling in it's final emergence.

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